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MyVoice 2.0 (2020) - voice controlled PC tool


MyVoice 2.0 is primarily designed for voice control of the operating system Microsoft Windows 10. Voice commands allow you to fully replace the keyboard and mouse, which gives mainly people with motor disabilities a chance to participate in every day and working life. The voice recognition engine is maximally adapted to the needs of target users, for whom it is necessary to take a highly variable, sometimes non-standard, pronunciation. In addition to using predefined commands, the program allows you to create new commands that better meet the user's needs. This gives them much more possibilities to personalize voice control than tools built directly into MS Windows or other assistance programs. Version 2.0 builds on the original MyVoice program, which was developed in 2005. However, with the advent of MS Windows 10, some keyboard and mouse virtualization features have changed, so a new MyVoice 2.0 program was developed in 2020, using the latest IT technologies, including machine learning. The new version was also expanded with several features that did not appear until the advent of MS Windows 10.

Help for the MyVoice 2.0 (2020) - Czech only

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